1. Change Now

From the recording Change Now

A demo of a track written in the aftermath of George Floyd's death. A tune to bring people together. I'm joined by Alexis Cole on backing vocals.


Change Now

C9-G-D-Em C9-G-D x2

The World’s on fire
It’s a brand new day
There’s no turning back
To the old way

People are tired
They’re out on there on the street
And no one’s going home
No matter what the president tweets


Change now
No justice, no peace
Change now
I can’t breathe
Change now
No more thoughts and prayers
Make this country great, make it fair
Take a knee, be the change that gets us there Em-D/G-G

Enough’s enough
Too much senseless pain
Too much wasted life
Time to march again

We won’t be silenced
We won’t be restrained
As long as people are unequal
And streets are blood stained


Change is slow C9-G-D-Em
Puts fear in people
And fear becomes a means to control C9-G-D

Change is what we need C9-G-D-Em
It’s long overdue
Fear is the Virus
Dividing me and you


Let’s find what binds us
And raise it high
Let’s define us
By what bridges the divide
There’s a surplus
Of common ground I know
The time’s at hand
Raise hands let’s go


Listen up
This won’t go away
We the people free and equal
We won’t play

The time has come
This is not a red/blue game
Put away the rhetoric and spin
Say their names