Like his latest release intimates, Americana Singer/Songwriter Steve Chizmadia is a Jack of All Trades...… 

Since his time as a young man growing up in Long Island, he’s been playing music, writing songs and plays, acting and directing.  Though he’s garnered the most recognition for his songwriting, his various artistic expressions have melded over time to make him a captivating, heartfelt performer, able to hold the stage and capture the imagination.  As accurately pictured on his album cover, Steve is the owner and chief restorer of a historic house in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley, where he resides with his Bayou bride Halle and their energetic and creative twin boys.

Steve’s songwriting captures a nostalgia and romanticism not often found in folk music, but more reminiscent of the Brazilian concept of Saudade - bittersweet melancholy and idealistic longing.  His ability to capture an idea or feeling with concise turns of phrase, coupled with unfussy beautiful melodies has won him awards including the Grand Prize in the Music to Life Songwriting Competition judged by Paul Stookey of the folk trio Peter Paul and Mary.  Other competitions that have recognized Steve include the S. Florida Folk Festival, WildFlower Music and Art Festival, Woody Guthrie Festival, Hudson Valley SongFest, Dallas Songwriters, Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist, and he’s a three time finalist in the Kerrville New Folk Competition.

His debut album “It Is What it Is” (2007) in addition to guitar, bass and drums, features the cinematographic additions of accordion, banjo, mandolin, harmonica, clarinet and fiddle. His sophomore release “Jack of All Trades” (2013) was produced by guitarist Peter Calo who has worked with luminaries Carley Simon and Jimmy Webb, and features acclaimed jazz vocalist Alexis Cole on a rare foray into backup vocals.

As an actor, his work has brought him around the country including to Texas which captivated his soul and Louisiana, the birthplace of his better half, both places which he often writes nostalgically about in his songs.  His acting credits include world premiere's of  Rebecca Gilman's "The Land Of Little Horses,” Eric Bentley's translation of “Wedekinds,” "The First Lulu,” David Fishelson's adaptation of Dostoevsky's "The Idiot" and Ted Swindley's "Summer Of '66" playing legendary Nashville T.V. producer Jim Owens. He made his one and only mark on world cinema, creating the role of White Boy #3 in the Dolph Lundgren classic "I Come In Peace.”

Steve Chizmadia is an artist whose deep contributions are starting to be widely embraced not just by his devoted fans but also by his peers in the music world.