Happy New Year 

    Hey everybody. Finally a working web-page. Apologies to any and all intrepid souls who've tried to follow me in 2013. For someone as easily frustrated by technology as me, It's been a nightmare trying to figure out my whole web presence. Add to that the arrival of our sons Andy and Jake in September and the attendant life adjustments that's entailed and it's been a kind of perfect storm. But, the storm has passed and here we are...

    I just got back from The South Florida Folk Festival in Ft. Lauderdale, where I was one of three winners of their songwriting competition. The competition was stiff, I have to say. It could have gone any number of ways. I was fortunate enough to get the nod this time and am extremely grateful for the honor.  This year was the re-emergence of this fest. They lost a few years due to hurricanes, but they're back and hopefully will continue to grow. Word has it I'll be invited back to play next year. I look forward to that very much. Made some great new friends and connected with some old ones in Florida. 

    I'm booking shows for 2014. Looking forward to doing some house concerts. Really enjoy the intimacy and the chance to connect to people so personally. Would love to find myself on a festival bill or two as well. One can hope.
  Thanks to one and all who have supported me so far in this journey. New songs are coming. I hope to have enough for another disc by summer. Paying for it is another story. I'm not afraid to say I accept any and all help. I will most likely do a kickstarter campaign at some point. Thanks in advance.