Robert Osborne 

It's no surprise to anyone who knows me, or has been to one of my shows, that I've had a lot of day jobs to keep up my artistic life. For many years I've built and dressed sets with my friend, Alan Bruckner, hands down the hardest working Art Director in the commercial and t.v. biz. About twelve or so years ago, Alan called me for a job building THE SET (or part of it anyway) for Robert Osborne, host of  Turner Classic Movies. They were beginning to shoot his intros and outros in New York so Robert wouldn't have to travel so much. Knowing that I was a huge film buff, Alan thought I was just the guy for the job. I was. Off and on over the ensuing years Alan, my brother Rich Chizmadia and our friend Josh Kass were the New York Art Crew: The red-headed step-children of TCM. A job we all loved. Robert Osborne was such a class act. I was often on set when they were shooting and it was always a master class watching him work. The man had such grace, wit and style. I was always amazed at how the guest hosts, all highly accomplished film, t.v. and arts people, would be in as much awe of Robert as I was. I always wanted to write him a tribute song and over the years made some feeble attempts. As Robert became ill over the last few years I really worked at it, hoping I could give a finished song to him just to let him know how much of an honor it was to be a small part of what he did. Unfortunately, his passing this past spring was the catalyst for getting it finished. It's called "Goodbye, Movie Man". I sent it down to the folks in Atlanta at TCM and they liked it enough to use it along with a slide show for an in-house tribute. I hoped they might use it on air or at the TCM film festival. It wasn't meant to be. I'm putting it up here because I think for a fan of Robert Osborne (Like me) it really says something. Hope you think so too. Share it.